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Frontend developer

The job: we are looking for a frontend engineer to make a more attractive design for code-inspector. You will have to redesign and implement the website frontend (HTML/CSS templates). If you choose a framework, anything choice is fine as long as it is React. The new site must be mobile compliant.

About us: small startup that will redefine software analytics and use of machine learning to improve code. We are here to produce the best software analysis tool. We love bad jokes, geek culture and useless debates about C++ semantics.

We are looking for somebody that:

  • Has better design skills than us (easy)
  • Knows CSS, HTML5, React and other web technologies
  • Is a decision maker and move forward when facing ambiguity
  • Ready to work in an awesome small structure
  • Is hungry and fearless

Ready to join the ride? Shoot an email at